The Avenging Arrow (1921)

Originally a "Kalem girl," by 1921 Ruth Roland had moved to Pathé, where she starred in a number of highly successful serials. Roland, who vied with Pearl White as the top serial queen, was highly athletic, an expert equestrienne, strong swimmer, crack shot with rifle and revolver, and competitive tennis and golf player. The Avenging Arrow isa fifteen-chapter serial about "an athletic but feminine" young woman named Anita Delgado who, with sidekick and eventual love interest Ralph, travels around Southern California trying to find out why all her female ancestors were killed on their twenty-first birthdays.  She and Ralph encounter mystery and mayhem, usually committed by a Mexican bandit. This is the only silent-film serial that the Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas project has identified starring a woman cast as a Latina character. None of the lead actors is identifiably Latina/o: Ruth Roland, Edward Hearn, Virginia Ainsworth, S.E. Jennings, William Steele, and Frank Lackteen.

The Avenging Arrow