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Good Bandits, Warrior Women, and Revolutionaries in Hispanic Culture

The Happening 2009



The Good Bandits, Warrior Women and Revolutionaries Happening

The Mexican Revolution of 1910 and its Cultural Legacy

María Felix

Conference Theme: Good Bandits, Warrior Women and
Revolutionaries: The Mexican Revolution of 1910 and Its Cultural Legacy

Conference Dates

Thursday, November 18 through Saturday, November 20, 2010

Conference Scope

The Bold Caballeros and Noble Bandidas (BCNB) is international in scope and considers papers and other text and visual submissions in popular culture, belle lettres and beaux artes focusing on social bandits or noble bandits throughout the world. It will include presentations, film screenings, an art and popular culture exhibition, and extensive opportunities for discussion and networking by participants.

For information on this new field of study, of which this conference is a part, visit the Bold
Caballeros and Noble Bandidas Web site:

Scholars and students of culture in all language groups and geographical areas are invited to to participate in the conference. While the conference is open to all topics pertaining to the BCNB project, special attention will be given to Iberoamerican culture.

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